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Thursday, September 23

11.00- Registration

13.00-13.15 Welcome

13.15-14.30 Keynote: Urban Musical Creativity, Complexity, and the Affective Function

Adam Krims (Professor of Music Analysis, University of Notingham)

Chair: Morten Michelsen

Large Hall

14.30-15.00 Break: Tea/coffee/fruit


15.00-16.30 Session I: Papers/Presentation of sound art projects

Stream 1: Room 124

Axel Volmar: Fetishizing Technology, Shaping Identity. Practices of Listening in the History of “High End” Culture

Steen Kaargaard Nielsen: Early phonography and listening strategies

Mads Walther-Hansen: The dynamic structure of phonographic space

Chair: Birgite Stougaard

Stream 2: Room 116

Erik Christensen: Phenomenology as a tool for the description and analysis of sound and music

Michael V. Butera: Excessive Audition and Acoustic Resolution

Eduardo Abrantes: Voicing Presence – the “Musical” in Transitional Public spaces

Chair: Erik Steinskog

Stream 3: Room 120

Kabir Carter: Underground and Underfoot in the City

Samson Young: Towards a Sonic Diaspora

Alessandro Giovannucci: Musicology and Sound Studies: a guide for the analysis of theauditory circuit bending

Chair: Anders-Peter Andersson

Stream 5: Room 112

Damien Masson & Ricardo Atienza: “Lutherie urbaine”, a project for urban rehabilitation through sonic intervention

Cécile Regnault & Catherine Aventin: Sound design as an approach to introduce projects ofdevelopment and as instigator to conceive urban sound landscape

Nanny Roed Lauridsen: The WiSoundscape:  An interactive instalation to create a groupsoundscape composition

Chair: Catharina Dyrssen

16.30-17.00 Break: Tea/coffee/fruit


17.00-18.30 Panel: The Field of Sound Studies: Perspectives and Objectives

Telef Kvifte (University of Oslo), Rolf Grossmann (Universität Lüneburg), Jacob Kreutzfeldt (University of Copenhagen)

Chair: Ansa Lønstrup

Large Hall

18.30-20.00 Reception


20.00- Dinner on your own in Århus (se list of recommended restaurants)


Friday, September 24

09.00-10.15 Keynote: A Sonic Paradigm of Urban Ambiances?

Jean-Paul Thibaud (Cresson, Grenoble)

Chair: Ricardo Atienza

Large Hall

10.15-10.45 Break: Tea/coffee/fruit


10.45-12.15 Session I: Papers/Presentation of sound art projects/Workshops

Sonic workshop for sound artists, part 1: Foyer/Room 118

Urban/Sound/Interfaces, workshop, part 1: Æstetisk mødelokale + Room 126

Stream 1: Room 124

Henry Torgue: ASTUCE Research Project:  One way to evaluate urban centre soundscapes

Raja Ghozi-Mannai: Urban sound landscape complexity characterizationvia Audio-visual textures

Faten Hussein: Aging and altered sound perception in urban settings

Chair: Erik Christensen

Stream 2: Room 116

Holger Schulze: The Body of Sound: Sounding out the History of Science

Ariane Wilson: From sound to sign to sound. A pedagogic experiment

Anette Vandsø Aremark: The question of ‘enunciation’ in relation to sound art

Chair: Mads Walther-Hansen

Stream 3: Room 120

Marcel Cobussen: Sounds in Everyday Life

Robert Dow: Personal listening and the colective experience of soundscape

Birgitte Stougaard: A sonic gesture in music and literature?

Chair: Erik Granly Jensen

Stream 5: Room 112

Åsa Stjerna: AtmoSpaces: an acoustic intervention

Amanda Belantara: A Colective Exploration: Ears Are Dazzled, touched by sound

Stephen Schwartz: Generating public focus on audio culture

Chair: Ansa Lønstrup

12.15-13.15 Lunch


13.15-14.15 Panel: Three panelists discuss historical sound objects

Penelope Gouk (University of Manchester), Helmi Järviluoma (University of Joensuu), Steen K. Nielsen (University of Aarhus)

Chair: Iben Have

Large Hall

Foyer:  Sonic workshop, part 2

Auditorium A:  Urban/Sound/Interfaces, part 2

14.15-14.30 Short break

14.30-16.00 Session II: Papers/Presentation of sound art projects/Workshops

Foyer:  Sonic workshop, part 3

Auditorium A:  Urban/Sound/Interfaces, final part

Stream 1: Room 124

Eirini Chatzitsakou & Yiannis Christidis: Exploring cultural, spatial and sonic representational structures on the web: the case of a hamam’s heterotopia

Heikki Uimonen: The Moving Microphone: Acoustic Communication and Social Media

Chair: Thomas Bjørnsten Kristensen

Stream 2: Room 116

Anders-Peter Andersson, & Birgita Cappelen: Interactive Music Mediation

Sven Anderson: Exploring Real-Time Locational Input in the Design of Responsive Sound Instalations Situated in Public Space

George Brock-Nannestad: The properties of mediation

Chair: Nicoleta Isar

Stream 5: Room 112

John Wynne: Outside In: Re-framing urban noise

Ricardo Huisman: The soundscape instalation/creative research project: Bhu!

Chair: Morten Michelsen

16.00-16.30 Break: Tea/coffee/fruit



Panel: Education

Holger Schultze (Universität der Kunste, Berlin) Anders-Peter Andersson (Universities of Kristiansstad and Gothenburg), Morten Breinbjerg (University of Aarhus)

Chair: Mike Butera

Large Hall

Panel: Three panelists describe a contemporary sound object  they have listened to

Ola Stockfelt (University of Gothenburg), Torben Sangild (University of Copenhagen),Ansa Lønstrup (University of Aarhus)

Chair: Charlotte Rørdam Larsen

Room 124

Foyer:  Workshop

17.30 - 18.00 Workshop presentations

At sites

19.00- Conference dinner

Physics Canteen


Saturday, September 25

09.00-10.15 Keynote: Music and the Emergence of Experimental Science in Early Modern Europe

Penelope Gouk (University of Manchester)

Chair: Morten Michelsen

Large Hall

10.15-10.45 Break: Tea/coffee/fruit


10.45-12.15 Session IV: Papers/Presentation of sound art projects

Stream 1: Room 124

Erik Steinskog: Slaves to the Rhythm

Vincent Meelberg: Encountering Sonic Strokes: The Ethics of Aural Experience

Thomas Bjørnsten Kristensen: Analogue/Artificial Real world noises and digitalseclusion in sound art and electronic music

Chair: Torben Sangild

Stream 2: Room 116

Leslie Korrick: Sounding Off? Sound Art in the Institutional Exhibition Spaces of the Visual Arts

Nicoleta Isar: Sonic Strokes: Boltanski’s Heartbeats and his “Archives du Coeur” (“HeartArchives”) On the subject of Sonic Mediation through Sonic Affect

Michael Bockhoff: Hearing painted soundscapes

Chair: Nina Gram

Stream 3: Room 120

Rob Strachan: The Spectacular Suburb: Soundscape, Environment and Music in Contemporary Electronic Music and Sound Art

Kristoffer Jul-Larsen: A method for the study of broadcasted criticism

Sanne Krogh Groth: Strategies of extreme reduction in poésie sonore and text-sound

Chair: Astrid Bryder Steffensen

Stream 4: Room 118

Iben Have: Emotional realism in the soundtrack of Armadilo

Charlotte Rørdam Larsen: Recycling in commercials: interchanges between past and present

Chair: Mads Krogh

Stream 5: Room 112

Ricardo Atienza & Monica Sand: In Situ-ing - Rhythm, Ambience and Identity

Morten Brockhoff: Work in Progress: Brain Music

Chair: Catharina Dyrssen

12.15-13.15 Lunch


13.15-14.45 Session V: Papers/Presentation of sound art projects

Stream 1. Room 124

Malte Pelleter: Rechanneling the vibratory field. Thoughts on Stockhausen, kode9 and Lyotard

Dawn Scarfe: Through the Listening Glasses

Jamie Allen & Wil Schrimshaw: Resonator: A Larger Vibrational Continuum of Sound Practice

Chair: Anna Lawaetz

Stream 2: Room 116

Frans Mossberg: Reading & Listening to Music: A Study on how Sound Environment can Affect Reading and Understanding

Maria Andueza: Art, Sound and City: Urban site-specific Sound Instalation

Lorenzo Beretta: Sonic materiality: the new frontier in the production of architectural spaces

Chair: Jacob Kreutzfeldt

Stream 3: Room 120

Marc Crunelle: Two research projects

Astrid Bryder Steffensen: Liminal Listening–on the Auditory Structure of the Late Medieval Mass

Jari Kauppinen: Thanks, but no thanks: Towards a new paradigm of sound design in theperforming arts

Chair: Sanne Krogh Groth

Stream 5: Room 112

Gabriel Bérubé: Diversion, A Sonic Experience in Public Urban Spaces

Duncan MacDonald: Conflations: Sound art, music and architecture meet

Solène Marry: Ordinary sonic public space. Sound perception parameters in urban publicspaces and sonic representations associated with urban forms

Chair: Trine Fris Sørensen

14.45-15.00 Break: Tea/coffee/fruit


15.00-16.00 Panel: Sound Acts in Urban Space

Jean-Paul Thibaud (Cresson, Grenoble), Catharina Dyrssen (Chalmers University ofTechnology), Monica Sand (Konstfack, Stockholm)

Chair: Morten Michelsen

Large Hall

16.00-16.10 Presentation of two new e-journals: The Journal of Sonic Studies and Sound Effects

Large Hall

16.00-16.20 Concluding Remarks

Morten Michelsen

Large Hall


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